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Bluebirds Nest is a small Facebook forum that is meant to help guide, encourage and be resourceful for both Photographers and Photography vendors alike. I accept all levels of talent and experience and all types of genres in the photography field. Each member brings their own sticks and twigs to make the nest a better place. The forum is meant to stay small, personable and manageable, because of this,  there is a waiting list. You may put in a request to join and every so often, Dormant members are removed and new ones added!

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From the Nest Members:

“In the world of photography, there seems to be a stigma that everyone is a threat and seen as a competitor. The Bluebirds Nest is far from that. It is a menagerie of photographers, with all different skill levels that come together and provide inspiration, advice and motivation. We learn from one another and help our fellow photographers grow their craft. Bree has created a “safe place” for us to vent about nightmare shoots, seek constructive criticism and learn everything from techniques to marketing. The Bluebirds Nest is full of photographers, working together to make the world a more beautiful place, one photograph at a time.”   – Lisa Price

“The Bluebirds Nest is the one group that if I did not see it on my homepage sidebar, my heart would skip a beat. The Nest provides a safe haven for vendors and photographers to get advice and critiques without fear of being judged. Checking this group is on my daily to- do list!” – Shae Simms

“If I had to describe Bluebirds Nest in one word it would be: Brilliant! I am so grateful to be surrounded by such positive people in the photography community. I have received on countless occasions, useful information on a variety of subjects ranging from posing to post processing. I will forever be grateful to be a part of this Nest!”Ashley Stilson

“The Bluebird’s Nest has a provided a way for vendors & photographers to come together in such a positive way. Mama Bluebird herself ( Bree ) has created a group where we can genuinely work and collaborate together, seek help, get fresh ideas, build each other up, offer support or encouragement, and share our talents. The genuine respect that the members in this group have for one another is reflected in every post or comment shared. The Nest has been essential for my business and will remain a key player in continuing to help me grow in the years to come.” – Kim Pendergast

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