Jexten and Hux

First off….some one make this post title into a kids clothing line STAT.

Jexten was the perfect little helper for some new lighting and techniques I am trying to improve.

I’m adding a few digital drops to the mix here and there which means when requested, you can get your beautiful new addition in

something a little more artsy and different….. like a leaf 😉 Huxon didn’t know he’d be modeling some digital drops till

after the fact and I reused a few leftovers from his session!

Digital drops are meant to give you unique images that will stun the masses

without causing baby any discomfort and waisting precious sleep time by setting everything up.

 Can you tell which images or straight out of camera and which ones have been edited? I will give you a clue, three images are and three aren’t!

Leave a guess….

Ps….aren’t they both SO cute.






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They are only this little once!

I always tell people, if you are going to splurge on photography….do it for your weddings….and your babies.

Weddings can be a fortune…..and what’s left after the day is done? Your memories, your new spouse and your photos!!

Now I don’t offer wedding photography but I come in later when those newborns arrive….

Why splurge one newborn photos?

plain and simple…..babies just don’t keep.


take from me….a hop and a skip and they’ll be starting kindergarten and you’ll beg for the memories of when they fit in your hands.

Hit our Contact tab or email us at to schedule your session.

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The Good ole Days are right this Moment…..

I read a quote recently that really struck me. “A Photograph is the pause button on life”

I couldn’t agree more. In our world today the pace is always faster, the temptations to do and get more ever brighter

and when I don’t slow down and live in the present….I don’t remember it. I am so guilty of this.

Memories are easily dimmed….. especially as age keeps chipping at this young soul of mine. I am determined to slow my roll in 2018 and be more present! Remember more!

I have set some goals, the first is to actually reach some goals that I thought of in 2015 and set in 2016 #dontjudge…. and another is to actually photograph my own little nuggets and PAUSE these important steps and moments in their little lives.

It’s why I bought a camera in the first place 😉

Whether it’s with your phone or your photographer…..slow down…..pause………breath ………..take a picture….be in one………

print it.

The good ole days are right this moment!

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