I had my own baby in May! He was a surprise ( a big surprise )  and thus far been a really difficult baby like

his brother before him. I’ve decided for me…..surprise pregnancies are REALLY hard… being pregnant nine ( ten ) months is hard

…delivery is hard….Motherhood is hard….no sleep is hard….having more than one kid is hard

It’s all HARD……. and I just want to give a Hunger games style salute to all the Woman out there who Mom like a boss and have volunteered as tribute.

it’s NOT easy….it’s just worth it…..most days 😉  Meet Will.

Of course Big brother had to sneak in…He can’t be upstaged

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I’ve been hanging with my own little bluebird Will the last few months and as he doesn’t sleep, like a binky or a car seat,

it’s been busy around here! Luckily I have found

the time to work with some other new little birds too and I’m glad!

Tucker was a dream boat and such a good  sleeper! I hope he’s keeping it up

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2017 scheduling

Ok folks! Now with our cute last baby boy Will here, Space for sessions will have to

cut back big time. I’m scheduling now for Fall and that means Families, kids and newborns

VERY few on location spots left fyi.

So….. if you know you need some fabulous pictures=memories in your life this year ( hint, yes you do )

schedule soon! Bluebpics@gmail.com

P.s. Back to school Mini’s are coming!


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