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I’m called mom by two straggly haired beautiful girls who on occasion refer to me as “Miss Hannigan” and I’m “babe” to one hottie of a hubster. We’ve since added some rowdy boys and Can’t imagine life without em.
If I’m ever reported missing, check the sushi bar. My list of favorites include, Snowboarding, Kickboxing ( l’m flexing right now ), wake boarding , Vacationing (namely Disney cruises and visiting the south ) Spending time with those I love and wait for it…….Photography!
The easiest way to contact me is to email
When I finally decided I would try to do this, try to make something of myself with photography, I wanted to it to be special.

 I of course wanted something real clever and unique to name it too.

The more I thought about it though,
 I wanted to represent myself, my work and my courage to try
in a different way, The real way
it’s sort of a story….
As a kid I was lucky enough to think my Grandpa was a full fledge superman and that he really flew.
If it wasn’t a money hunt around their giant Logan home
it was a special trip to his office, up beaver canyon to ski or out to dinner at Angies.
If we were really lucky we
went up with him in his airplane.
yes my grandpa was a pilot
( told you he could fly)
but that wasn’t his job
he was an attorney by day
hero by night.
Instead of a dog, my grandpa gave his daughter a monkey. Instead of disneyland, they went to egypt.
We still spend countless hours hiking  around Arches National Park and taking respite at his Moab retreat.
My mom was born on and grew up swimming off the beaches of Guam.
For many many years, my cousins and I
found so much happiness, so many fond moments and even more memories with both our grandparents.
To me, more than anyone in the entire world…my Grandpa was my hero. It wasn’t a conscious choice I made…he just was.
Sometimes Heros fall…….
 Cryptonite eventually found it’s way into this picture perfect story
Superman got really sick
 instead of taking adventures
he spent time doing more crossword puzzles, reading
bird watching.
 My grandpa,  who survived as a POW in a NAZI war camp, the hero, died of cancer
not too long ago. Now those memories, those fond moments, are all we have left.
If only we had more pictures.
My fallen hero began and eventually finished his life in Logan Utah.
As a small child he’d walk to this store for penny candy and ice cream
The Bluebird Cafe is still open…over a hundred years later and
The last time I met with my hero….he couldn’t even speak….I brought him a memory……some  famous chocolate from his childhood. To see someone so very brave, generous and
strong become so weak and small…broke every bit of my heart.
My eyes stream with tears even writing or reading about it.
Dearest Grandpa Scott, you meant so very much to a lot of people.
Did you know that?

Now that he’s gone and I’m still here, I keep his spirit alive the best I know how


if I take anything with me
from this Hero’s wonderful life,
it’s that the sky is literally the limit…………
 give, laugh, travel, dare, live, cry, learn,
fly, love.
Bluebird is my sky.

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I was wondering i think i have asked before but i cant remember how much is a mentor session/ class ?

Hi there!!! Shoot us an email at!

Tiffany Clarke

Hello beautiful,
Your work is amazing! Found you on Instagram and I was curious about your rates 🙂 I am newly preggers and am due in December! So it wouldn’t be for a while but id love to work with you for both maternity (if you do those) and newborn photos! Please let me know 🙂 thank you so so much,

Hey gal sorry I am just seeing this. Email me at bluebpics@gmail

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