Jexten and Hux

First off….some one make this post title into a kids clothing line STAT.

Jexten was the perfect little helper for some new lighting and techniques I am trying to improve.

I’m adding a few digital drops to the mix here and there which means when requested, you can get your beautiful new addition in

something a little more artsy and different….. like a leaf 😉 Huxon didn’t know he’d be modeling some digital drops till

after the fact and I reused a few leftovers from his session!

Digital drops are meant to give you unique images that will stun the masses

without causing baby any discomfort and waisting precious sleep time by setting everything up.

 Can you tell which images or straight out of camera and which ones have been edited? I will give you a clue, three images are and three aren’t!

Leave a guess….

Ps….aren’t they both SO cute.






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