The Good ole Days are right this Moment…..

I read a quote recently that really struck me. “A Photograph is the pause button on life”

I couldn’t agree more. In our world today the pace is always faster, the temptations to do and get more ever brighter

and when I don’t slow down and live in the present….I don’t remember it. I am so guilty of this.

Memories are easily dimmed….. especially as age keeps chipping at this young soul of mine. I am determined to slow my roll in 2018 and be more present! Remember more!

I have set some goals, the first is to actually reach some goals that I thought of in 2015 and set in 2016 #dontjudge…. and another is to actually photograph my own little nuggets and PAUSE these important steps and moments in their little lives.

It’s why I bought a camera in the first place 😉

Whether it’s with your phone or your photographer…..slow down…..pause………breath ………..take a picture….be in one………

print it.

The good ole days are right this moment!

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